Monday, June 29, 2009

Introducing: WifiProximity

Ever wanted to synchronize something based on the availability of a wifi access point? WifiProximity is the solution.

WifiProximity is a wifi access point proximity based generic action processor. In other words, it does "stuff" when it sees specified access points. The actions can be any number of system commands like rsync, touch, finger, etc. WifiProximity is particularly useful for netbooks, mobile internet devices, etc where you may be moving back and forth between different access points (lets say the home and office) daily.

The idea comes from blueproximity, an app for locking/unlocking your machine based on the proximity of a bluetooth device.

WifiProximity is written using Qt and NetworkManager's DBus API to detect and connect to access points. It's actions are scriptable. Here is an example event script:

WifiProximity is still a young project, but hopefully it will become useful in mobile computing. It is currently a part of the OpenICE project. You can find the code for WifiProximity here:

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