Sunday, April 25, 2010

LinuxFest Northwest Presentation on Open Source car entertainment

Here's my presentation at Linux Fest Northwest. The focus of this presentation moved away slightly from my previous presentations on user experience to doing automation and other control of the vehicle, getting information and the tools required to do such. I talk about proximity, obdgpslogger and nobdy and what you can do with them to automate things in your car, gather statistics, and have fun!

Hope you enjoy it!

- Slides


There is a part of the audio that doesn't have matching slides (the part where I give the live demo). To describe it, I basically had bluemonkey running on a desktop at home (portland) with nobdy and obdsim from the obdgpslogger project. I was communicating with bluemonkey over IRC and was able to get the power state, secondary battery voltage, the vehicle state, statistics from the car (speed, RPMS, MPG) and determine where my car was (bluemonkey replied to my query with a link to google maps showing it's current location).

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